maryjane oreilly

Mary Jane O'Reilly has had a professional career spanning over 30 years both in New Zealand and internationally. She has received numerous grants and awards including the $30,000 Allen Highet Award (1984) for outstanding achievement by a mid-career artist and was awarded a Queens Service Medal for her services to dance in 1990. She was a co-founder, dancer and choreographer with the acclaimed and world travelled Limbs Dance Company (1977 – 86) and held the position of Artistic Director from 1979 to 1986. Her choreography of the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games (1990) involved a cast of 6000 and was viewed by over 5 million TV audiences worldwide. It was also in 1990 that she choreographed the 3 act 'Jean Batten' ballet about our most famous aviatrix for the Royal New Zealand Ballet. From 1996 to 2001 she directed the Auckland Dance Company, culminating in a hugely successful Limbs Retrospective show in 2001. From 2001 – 2004 she taught at the Dance Programme at the University of Auckland and since 2006 to 2011 she has been Artistic Director of Tempo, New Zealand's Festival of Dance. In 2012 she was appointed curator of Auckland Council's public art event - Living Room, an outdoor performing arts festival performed in mid-town Auckland. MaryJane is now full time director of her new hit contemporary cabaret show In Flagrante. Performed to over 10,000 people all over New Zealand, the show has now been selected for the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 26 performances in August this year. MaryJane has also created Mojo Cabaret, a confidence building companion series of classes for women that teaches performance skills and movement phrases from In Flagrante. MaryJane lives in Auckland with husband and co-producer Phil O'Reilly, their daughter Morgana, a successful stage and screen actor lives in Sydney.

maryjane oreilly has helped fund

Image for Modern Maori Quartet

Modern Māori Quartet (MMQ)

Take 4 good looking, hip swaying, suave Māori guys crooning a mix of modern day & classic songs in Te Reo and English and you get: The Modern Māori Quartet.

100% $6,025.00 OF
Image for 20 years of DANZ Quarterly

Dance Aotearoa New Zealand

A special one-off edition of DANZ Quarterly to celebrate 20 years of DANZ and dance in Aotearoa New Zealand

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Image for Back of the Bus goes to Edinburgh

Java Dance Theatre

Java Dance goes to the Edinburgh Fringe in August this year with Back of the Bus. The wheels of this campaign are already rolling. Your support large or small will make a real difference.

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Image for The Height of the Eiffel Tower

Shane Bosher

Edinburgh has a history of launching celebrated Kiwi talent onto the world stage. Madeleine Sami in No. 2, Tim Balme in JIMMY COSTELLO, Jacob Rajan in KRISHNAN'S DAIRY: they’ve all stood out from the crowd. This August, with your backing, you’ll be able to add the inimitable Morgana O’Reilly to that list.

103% $14,515.00 OF

Multinesia Productions

How do you stand out among 3,000 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Put on a hilarious show called Black Faggot about gay Samoans. But we need your help to bring our hit comedy play to the world stage.

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Image for Lumina to Germany/Holland

The New Zealand Dance Company

We've been invited to Holland! The Holland Dance Festival will place New Zealand dance alongside the best in the world and you can get us there.

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Image for The Wine Project to the World

Java Dance Theatre

Java Dance Theatre will return to Edinburgh this year with their most daring show yet. You can help Boost the critically acclaimed Wine Project to the world.

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Image for Goblin Market

The Dust Palace

Back The Dust Palace so that we can introduce our exhilarating new take on circus-theatre to the world. First stop: Montreal.

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Charles Koroneho

TUHONONGA is a project to facilitate international exchange with First Nations dance companies and independent contemporary dance practitioners.

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Image for Double Take at 360

sandra norman

Innovative technology presents 30 year old NZ Footnote Dance duet to an international audience via the internet and live performance in London and New Zealand.

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Image for The Mooncake and the Kumara - 2017 Tour

The Oryza Foundation

Help us bring this award winning hit back to Auckland's Q Theatre and Wellington's Hannah Playhouse for the first time as part of the Kia Mau Festival.

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Image for Boost Footnote to Europe

Footnote New Zealand Dance

Footnote are headed to Europe! We're bringing home a new work by the brilliant Swiss-based NZ artist Emma Murray and we need a boost!

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Image for Lick my Past

Nancy Wijohn

Nancy and Kelly are seeking support to help get their show on the road to the Kia Mau festival Wellington and the Auckland Matariki Festival 2017!

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Image for SMASH Berlin 2017

Jess Quaid

SMASH Berlin - 18 participants, 3 months of intensive training... I managed to get in, now I need your help to get there!

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Image for MOTUHIA - Work in development


A new dance adventure, a work of epic proportions, a merging of myth, movement and technology that will knock your socks off.

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Image for Atamira

Atamira Dance Company

'Atamira' is a platform to remember those that have passed, our closeness to our own imminent death, and a reminder of the importance of life.

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Image for projectMUSE

Hannah Tasker-Poland

A new dance-theatre solo exploring the feminine Muse. With 10 artistic and technological collaborators on board we are seeking a boost for our development season.

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Image for Flamingo Feature Film

Richard Riddiford

FLAMINGO is a feature film about architects Frankie and Ben who are stuck on a rooftop for the weekend together after the door blows shut at their office party

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Image for MAMMOTH

Tallulah Holly-Massey

A new movement work by Tallulah Holly-Massey. Four bodies. Mammals/humans/organisms. A supernatural hair dance.

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