Moana Ete

I act, write, make music and direct. Te Whanaganui a Tara based. Aotearoa / Samoa blood. Here for this.

Moana Ete has helped fund

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Tikapa Productions Ltd.

Soon to be The Biggest comedy in New Zealand, written by award winning writer Jamie McCaskill, The Biggest is a hilarious look at raw rural men.

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Everybody Cool Lives Here

Everybody Cool Lives Here is developing two theatrical solos - 'Big J Stylez' led by Jacob Dombroski, and 'Force Field' led by Duncan Armstrong.

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Christopher Ulutupu

WinterSCAPE is a video project that is the third chapter of artist Christopher Ulutupu's series called "The Romantic Picturesque: Postcard Series".

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Friends of Nancy Brunning

Let’s honour Nancy Brunning for her lifelong achievements on stage, screen and backstage and give her more time to share her gifts with us. Arohaina Mai.

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