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Image for Hazel - a short film about stillbirth

Emily Innes

Many families have experienced baby loss. As it continues to be a taboo subject, this is often hidden, even sometimes amongst colleagues and friends.

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Image for Burst

Andrew Galt

Burst is a comedic Short Film aimed at tackling the barriers men put up between each other and how it affects their relationships. A classic shaggy dog yarn.

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Image for The Mooncake and the Kumara - 2017 Tour

The Oryza Foundation

Help us bring this award winning hit back to Auckland's Q Theatre and Wellington's Hannah Playhouse for the first time as part of the Kia Mau Festival.

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Image for Te Kuititanga

Everybody Cool Lives Here

Pelenakeke Brown, Rodney Bell, Katrina George and Owen McCarthy are working together to create a new multi-disciplinary performance to present in New York.

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02 Days LEFT