Tony Balfour

The price of a week's coffee, donated to the arts once a month. What could be easier. And it's fun making a choice.

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Image for Peace in 10000 Hands

Stu Robertson

Over the next 3 years I'm going to photograph a single white rose, an ancient symbol of peace, in the hands of 10,000 people from every country on the planet.

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Image for Shayne Carter Solo Piano Album

Shayne Carter

SHAYNE CARTER SOLO PIANO ALBUM COMPLETION - One of New Zealand's most respected musicians, has been working for 18 months on a new album.

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Image for RIMA

moana maniapoto

Art Laureate Moana Maniapoto is poised to launch her 5th major album RIMA (Moana & the Tribe) on September 26. The 11 new songs were co-written and produced by dub-meister Paddy Free (Pitch Black, Nga Tae), also a member of Moana & the Tribe . This album is very much inspired by our land, our people and our experience. Recorded in beautiful Piha, on the shores of Lake Rotorua and in Blair Castle (Scotland), Moana is seeking your help to complete this self funded album.

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Image for Memory Box: The Kiwi Stories of WWII


The urgency of this project cannot be understated. There are few surviving WWII veterans and this is perhaps the last generation that will have the opportunity to hear their first-hand experiences. This project aims to create a platform for young people to preserve significant oral history of NZ and, through the process, gain an appreciation for the contributions of New Zealanders in WWII.

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Image for One Night Stand

Delia Cormack

One Night Stand is a fast and furious play festival where teams have 24 hours to write, direct, produce and perform original 10 minute scripts. Presented in rounds over three nights, this is theatre that embraces the raw, the spontaneous and the expected unexpected.

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Image for National Schools Poetry Award

International Institute of Modern Letters

This campaign is about reviving the National Schools Poetry Award, the only national poetry competition for high school students in Aotearoa.

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Image for Shmeat Film Score

Shmeat Productions Ltd.

Shmeat is a short animated black comedy about a dystopic New Zealand where we’ve run out of meat. A peculiar scientist, Lecta, has come up with an idea that may just save us all... On the 22nd of September, we are looking to add some extra value to our animated film by recording professional orchestral players in a live two hour session. The depth of expression, humanity, warmth and colour that live musicians can achieve leaves even the finest digital mock-ups in the dust. But we need your help to achieve this recording session! Please donate and join us in bringing Shmeat to the next level.

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Image for Lumina to Germany/Holland

The New Zealand Dance Company

We've been invited to Holland! The Holland Dance Festival will place New Zealand dance alongside the best in the world and you can get us there.

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Image for Sparrow - a short film

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

Extraordinary filmmaker Welby Ings' latest short film “Sparrow”, about a small boy who believes he can fly, needs a helping hand to finish post production.

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Image for Voices From The Front

amanda stone

A poignant and stirring story of Kiwis at Gallipoli, of courage and endurance, mateship, good humour, survival and decency in the face of dreadful odds.

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Image for The Anima Tapestries

Paul McLachlan

I am creating a suite of tapestries exploring spiritual devotion, to be created in collaboration with TextielLab in the Netherlands.

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Image for Mindfulness in NZ

Sam O'Sullivan

Sam O'Sullivan is traveling nationwide to teach focused awareness, and is talking to Kiwi men about mental wellbeing and strength in modern NZ.

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