Margaret Lewis

Maker | Recontextualising craft.

My thinking and practice is in public art  at the intersection where the contemporary meets the community. My role as an artist and producer is to:

- bridge aesthetics

- explore the application of innovative materials

- champion excellence in making and

- engage different communities in the creation of unique art-works.

Artweek AKL Director, Deborah White in describing my work says,

“it is not enough to make “art for arts’ sake”, for the benefit of private collectors or influenced by what is currently trending instead her work takes a socially conscious attitude in the ideas presented and the materials used, the end result is well developed and powerful.”

Margaret Lewis has helped fund

Image for Max & Bella & Friends

Bernie Harfleet & Donna Turtle Sarten

'Bella and Max and Friends' is an art installation that looks at mental health, and in particular depression and anxiety disorders in New Zealand.

100% $7,000.00 OF
Image for Mercury Plaza Origins  New Beginnings

Joni Lee & Jia Luo

‘Mercury Plaza: Origins + New Beginnings’ is a project aiming to promote local emerging Chinese artists in an iconic and temporary space: Mercury Plaza

106% $3,200.00 OF