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At GoldFish Creative we work with industry leaders to ensure your film, festival, project or production is in safe and capable hands. We love to work closely with talented creatives and skilled professionals to achieve ambitious projects.

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Image for Max & Bella & Friends

Bernie Harfleet & Donna Turtle Sarten

'Bella and Max and Friends' is an art installation that looks at mental health, and in particular depression and anxiety disorders in New Zealand.

100% $7,000.00 OF
Image for No Post on Sunday

Everybody Cool Lives Here

An electrifying new play, from the minds of a team of emerging artists, three of whom were born with intellectual disabilities.

101% $10,113.00 OF
Image for Behold The Ghost

GoldFish Creative

Behold The Ghost is an unforgiving tragedy about gender and intolerance.

100% $8,002.50 OF
Image for SMOG

Alex Liu

In a world blanketed in thick, deadly smog, a grieving woman attempts to escape a secluded farmhouse and leave her abusive relationship behind.

101% $18,185.00 OF
Image for Yes Yes Yes

Zanetti Productions

The development of a new theatre show made with, and for, young people about consent, sex and healthy relationships.

104% $4,180.00 OF