Show Pony

SHOW PONY is a creative stable that produces some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s finest independent theatre and dance performers and performances.The company is based on Wellington’s iconic Cuba St, and is led by Producer Adrianne Roberts, with Emma White following closely behind as Assistant Producer.SHOW PONY was founded in December 2012 with our kaupapa to advocate within the independent arts sector and promote and produce original pieces of theatre and dance, primarily with origins in New Zealand. Today we produce 13 award-winning productions – from large-scale extravaganzas, to solo suitcase shows.

Show Pony has helped fund

Image for Tama

Odd Socks Productions

‘Tama’ is the result of a unique collaboration between Deaf and hearing filmmakers.

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Image for Live at Six

Show Pony

Live at Six tells the story of a news anchor, Jane Kenyon, whose life and career is rocked when footage of her (apparently) misbehaving at a party goes viral.

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Image for Help Us Change!

Barbarian Productions

Our much-loved Grim Reaper characters are returning in a new work entitled Help Us Change! They'll take to the streets as part of the Performance Arcade 2014.

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Image for New Performance New York

The Playground NZ

We're organising a new festival of New Zealand theatre and performance in one of New York City's most exciting venues. We need support for the cost of promoting this festival in New York, and to get our set and props freighted around the world.

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Image for Grand Opening

Barbarian Productions

Barbarian Productions are taking on the Opera House for the CubaDupa festival. We're going to fill the building with life, colour, music, celebration and community expression. We're opening the doors wide, so come on in and join us.

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Image for Northern Glow

Bryony Skillington

This is a kids party for adults! We are aiming to make the most epic immersive experience the Basement Theatre has ever seen. But we can't do it without a little helping hand from you..

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Image for Sense of a Stranger

Olivia Mahood

A wall of many openings, where eyes gaze, arms beckon. Sense of a Stranger is a participatory installation being presented at The Performance Arcade 2018.

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