Louise Leitch and Susan Ruffell

Louise Leitch Producer/Director 

Louise grew up in Australia where she graduated from Canberra University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media. Louise began her career producing and directing social issues films for the Australian Government and went on to direct television drama, factual series and prime-time documentaries. Since moving to New Zealand, Louise has directed a number of short films, including the acclaimed 'Whakatiki' (Tribeca 2012). She is currently in development on the international cinema documentary, 'Unseen'. http://louiseleitch.com

Susan Ruffell Co-producer

Susan has been involved in the film and television industry for more than three decades, including owning and operating Ruffell Productions for 12 years. Her work as a producer has been diverse, encompassing retail commercials, national branding commercials, music videos, corporate productions, documentaries, drama, a children’s TV series pilot and a short film that was selected as a finalist in the Manhattan Shorts film festival in New York. Since selling Ruffell Productions, Susan continues to work as a freelance producer.

Louise Leitch and Susan Ruffell has helped fund

Image for Same But Different

Louise Leitch and Susan Ruffell

Best mates Byron and Neil must recalibrate their friendship when Byron transitions from a man to a woman.

242% $4,853.00 OF
Image for Wilbur Force (1)

Jan Oliver Lucks

Wilbur wrestles his demons. Literally. Wilbur Force the feature documentary. Based on the smashing Loading Docs short of the same name.

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Image for No1 Stand

Jack Nicol

NO.1 STAND is a feature documentary film about women competing in the rough and tumble, high stakes world of competitive sheep shearing.

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Image for Ending Violence The Film

Sandani and Rose

ENDING VIOLENCE is a feature documentary about Leslee Udwin, a multi award-winning activist, who strives to dismantle systemic prejudice through education.

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