Amanda Jane Robinson

Amanda Jane Robinson is a writer and filmmaker. Her written work has been published in Metro, Vice, The Spinoff, and Flicks, and her films have been exhibited at Shaanxi Normal University, Auckland Art Gallery, Basement Theatre, and Studio One Toi Tū. She is also a film critic and freelance art director for music videos and short films. She is currently completing her Masters in Screen Directing at the University of Auckland.




Amanda Jane Robinson has helped fund

Image for Eyes for Everest documentary

Ghazaleh Golbakhsh

A young optometrist dreams of following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary as he treks into the Himalayas to bring basic eye care to earthquake-struck villages around the foot of Mt Everest. A 45 minute documentary intended for broadcast.

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Image for East Meets East

Julie Zhu

After 15 years in Aotearoa and still unable to speak English, a Chinese grandmother searches for a sense of home on her bus trips to the Asian supermarket.

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Image for Little Asian Girls

Jess Fu

Little Asian Girls is a short film about an all-Asian punk band who must confront a music journalist after receiving a scathing review.

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Image for AUNTIES

Aunties Aotearoa

Women across Aotearoa are creating change everyday. It's time for a magazine on how we're shaking shit up in our communities, workplaces and beyond.

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Image for A is for Aardvark

Vanessa Crofskey

I'm an emerging interdisciplinary artist creating a new solo work at The Performance Arcade 2018. I need your boost to help me make this!

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Image for Foam

Samantha Dutton

By writer/director Grace Hood-Edwards and producer Samantha Dutton, FOAM is a magic realism short film about a bond between a mermaid and two mourning siblings.

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Image for Triple Scoop

Ruby Harris

Triple Scoop is a cheeky short film following two best friends making money after school by stealing neighbours flowers and selling them back to them.

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