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A Hot Chick and her Mate Productions

#NotTheseTourists is a travel web series which was shot over three months and is hosted by indigenous presenters, Casey Kaa and Nikki Si'ulepa.

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Becs Arahanga

When a happily married couple struggle to find intimacy due to the demands of raising a family; orgasmic pleasure is found in the most unlikely of places.

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Proudly Asian Theatre

Does race play a factor when you’re on tinder, checking someone out on the streets or trying to get lucky on a Saturday night?

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The Oryza Foundation

Help us bring this award winning hit back to Auckland's Q Theatre and Wellington's Hannah Playhouse for the first time as part of the Kia Mau Festival.

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Studio Local

Alan is a guy still living with his mum, and his best friend is an imaginary skinny green robot called Gary that's been hanging around since he was five.

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Liminal Pictures: Louise Pattinson & Gabriel Abreu

A Māori entrepreneur attempts to reclaim the exploitative art form of portrait photography by using it to help prisoners reframe their identity.

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