Anna Duckworth

Candlelit Pictures is a collective of filmmakers dedicated to sacrificing all else to make the best work they are creatively capable of.

Candlelit Pictures creates moving, intelligent, fun, beautiful films utilising innovative and industrious production methods. Candlelit Pictures harnesses youthful naivety and wild ambition to blow boundaries out of the water. Candlelit Pictures does not believe your means should dictate the quality of your work. We want to affect an audience, give them an emotional reaction, or provoke thought and discussion. The mediocre is banned. Art not ads.

Candlelit Pictures wishes to provide basic means for it's core members so they don't have to postpone their aspirations with day jobs. Financial gain is a bonus not a requirement.

Candlelit Pictures is inclusive and non­judgemental believing that the first step towards being good at something is sucking pretty hard. Candlelit Pictures wants to provide opportunities to emerging filmmakers, filling a void for young creatives and crews between the DIY and big budget worlds. Candlelit Pictures is anti­ego, anti­hierarchy, anti­bullshit ­ everyone's voice is valued and everyone is allowed to contribute. We encourage self­education by guided reading and sharing other resources for constant growth and discussion.

Treating the people we work with well is paramount to us. We offer our team the opportunity to work with established practitioners in their discipline, promoting people into roles we think they can nail, having the freedom in their job to add value and be creatively satisfied, and just having a good time ­we believe no one should be having a crap time making something amazing.

Anna Duckworth has helped fund


Sandani and Rose

WATER FOR GOLD explores a key way in which corporate power is stripping away some of our most fundamental rights through trade law.

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Image for STRAY

Long Road Films

The highly anticipated debut feature film from award-winning filmmaker Dustin Feneley, shooting in Central Otago this winter.

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Image for Girls Rock Camp Aotearoa

Girls Rock! Camp Aotearoa

GIRLS ROCK! CAMP AOTEAROA 2018 Calling all rebel girls, soul sisters, metal mavens and punk rockers! Girls Rock! Camp is coming to Aotearoa.

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Image for Ending Violence The Film

Sandani and Rose

ENDING VIOLENCE is a feature documentary about Leslee Udwin, a multi award-winning activist, who strives to dismantle systemic prejudice through education.

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MEANWHILE is an artist-run art gallery, studio space, online platform, and venue for public programmes and events. We want to make 2018 our best year yet.

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Image for Green- A Short Film

Rachel Ross

Blake and her conservative father experience marijuana together for the first time.

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Image for I Hear Men

Luke Bower

A short film about the seen and unseen influences acting on a woman in her everyday life.

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