Hannah Tasker-Poland

Professional Dancer, Actor, Stunt Performer, SPFX Body Paint Performer, Artist, Model and Muse living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Currently developing a new, full-length, solo dance-theatre work projectMUSE, exploring ideas of the archetypal feminie 'Muse' and the abstract concept of inspiration.

Facebook Artist Page: www.facebook.com/hannahtaskerpoland.artist/

projectMUSE Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/project.muse.htp/

Vimeo Page: https://vimeo.com/user43381667



Hannah Tasker-Poland has helped fund

Image for Desire Lines

Restless Legs Ensemble

"Desire Line(s) is a fresh and startling new dance work, investigating the multiplicity and messiness of human intentions."

105% $2,100.00 OF
Image for Lick my Past

Nancy Wijohn

Nancy and Kelly are seeking support to help get their show on the road to the Kia Mau festival Wellington and the Auckland Matariki Festival 2017!

101% $5,760.00 OF
Image for Atamira

Atamira Dance Company

'Atamira' is a platform to remember those that have passed, our closeness to our own imminent death, and a reminder of the importance of life.

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Image for MAMMOTH

Tallulah Holly-Massey

A new movement work by Tallulah Holly-Massey. Four bodies. Mammals/humans/organisms. A supernatural hair dance.

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Image for REALISE

Tangata Circus Company

Help emerging Kiwi circus artists perform in San Diego International Fringe Festival. Most expenses are covered, we just need to get there!

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