Emerging Artists Trust

The Emerging Artists Trust (EAT) is a charitable trust which was established in 2007 to support emerging practitioners in the Film, Theatre, and Visual Arts industries.EAT is based in Wellington and focuses its resources on practitioners living in the Wellington region - this includes supporting 'new Wellingtonians'!EAT encourages the development of high quality creative work and a skilled, confident workforce. The Trust supports new artists taking the first step toward establishing a sustainable career in the arts, as well as artists transitioning from one discipline to another.http://www.eatwellington.org.nz

Emerging Artists Trust has helped fund

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Ocean Beach Pictures

Josie is the second short film from Ocean Beach Pictures. The film is a short drama following a mother grieving the loss of her daughter in a car accident.

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Normal Company

Join us in sending this comedy/horror short film – produced by emerging female filmmakers in Wellington – into international film festivals.

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