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Shmeat Productions Ltd.

Shmeat is a short animated black comedy about a dystopic New Zealand where we’ve run out of meat. A peculiar scientist, Lecta, has come up with an idea that may just save us all... On the 22nd of September, we are looking to add some extra value to our animated film by recording professional orchestral players in a live two hour session. The depth of expression, humanity, warmth and colour that live musicians can achieve leaves even the finest digital mock-ups in the dust. But we need your help to achieve this recording session! Please donate and join us in bringing Shmeat to the next level.

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Robin Murphy Productions Limited

'Pot Luck' is a fresh, fun, and sexy narrative web-series that explores the lives of three Wellington lesbians when they make a pact which turns their weekly Pot Luck dinners into a search for love. Or not.

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Robin Murphy Productions Limited

Extraordinary filmmaker Welby Ings' latest short film “Sparrow”, about a small boy who believes he can fly, needs a helping hand to finish post production.

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Fired Up Productions

Can Beth negotiate a romance and Eileen’s deteriorating health? Will Mel figure out what it is she really wants? Will Debs get... ribs? DONATE NOW and find out!

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Ashley Williams

A mystical, coming-of-age short film about how we see NZ folklore today.

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Liminal Pictures: Louise Pattinson & Gabriel Abreu

A Māori entrepreneur attempts to reclaim the exploitative art form of portrait photography by using it to help prisoners reframe their identity.

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Electric Shoelace Productions

Jo Randerson and Loren Taylor are making a short film! It holds a message from our ancestors - a challenge to humankind about the direction we're heading in.

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