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Harmonious Events

Presented as a black comedy, with a challenging score to balance the gruesome plot, Eat the Young Fresh is full of drama, lies, music and FOOD. The audience will be treated to a 'feast' for the senses, when they arrive and throughout the show, as they take the journey with the characters on stage.This original New Zealand musical is not to be missed.

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Alison Davie

CRAZY HAPPY follows a small group of mental health consumers who are at a point in their lives where they feel no hope for the future, as they embark on a one hundred day journey to find happiness. The results were amazing. A Psychiatrist who wanted to get involved in the project more on a peer level, finds his life unexpectedly turned upside down, as he too embarks on the journey. The project entailed taking one picture every day for one hundred days of something that made them happy, joyful or grateful. However, with them not even being able to identify with the concept of happiness, the task seemed so much harder than it sounded. It took a few weeks for them to learn what happiness was and that’s when things start to change for the group, right in front of our eyes.

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Long Road Films

The highly anticipated debut feature film from award-winning filmmaker Dustin Feneley, shooting in Central Otago this winter.

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Jan Oliver Lucks

Wilbur wrestles his demons. Literally. Wilbur Force the feature documentary. Based on the smashing Loading Docs short of the same name.

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Jack Nicol

NO.1 STAND is a feature documentary film about women competing in the rough and tumble, high stakes world of competitive sheep shearing.

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Team M&M Ltd

Isabelle, determined not to spend her 65th birthday alone, invites herself into the home of her new neighbour, a young mum in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

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