Nikki Castle

Kia ora I'm Nikki, a director from Auckland, New Zealand. I've spent the last ten years carving a career in documentary filmmaking. I've edited award-winning series (Whare Maori, Whare Taonga and Radar: Across the Pacific), and the award-winning documentary The Green Chain.

I've directed music videos, commercials and short documentaries for the not-for-profit sector. Loading Docs is an exciting initiative for me at the beginning of my directing career - to play with more abstract interpretations of the documentary format, but also to attract and develop a network of film lovers. 

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Nikki Castle has helped fund

Image for Killer App

Wendell Cooke

Over hot drinks and a potluck afternoon tea, a group of senior Wellingtonians discuss the best ways to die.

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Image for Conversations With Pets

Ian Hart, Justin Hawkes & Hayley Cunningham

Conversations With Pets is Dr Doolittle meets Babe, Turner and Hooch meets Ghost in short documentary form.

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Image for Tihei

Hamish Bennett

As the beat drops can Tihei find his words? Redemption comes unscripted.

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Image for Wilbur Force (1)

Jan Oliver Lucks

Wilbur wrestles his demons. Literally. Wilbur Force the feature documentary. Based on the smashing Loading Docs short of the same name.

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Image for Yes Yes Yes

Zanetti Productions

The development of a new theatre show made with, and for, young people about consent, sex and healthy relationships.

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Image for My Breakup with God

Frith Armstrong

A devoted Christian turns her back on the Church to pursue a path of sexual enlightenment and love through Tantra.

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Image for Mana Wahine

corinna hunziker

Pania Newton draws on the power of her tūpuna to rise against a corporate body and protect ancestral land.

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