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Image for Help install a kiln for a more sculptural future

Sam Duckor-Jones

I am a sculptor without his most vital tool! Pictured - me seated in my idle kiln, with ceramic friend. If I can get this important machine up and running I will be able to participate in so many more sculpture events than I do currently - do you wish to see more brightly coloured large ceramic men in galleries and sculpture parks across the world? Of course you do, so - please help fund the installation of my kiln!

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Image for GIVE IT TO ANNA DEAN (oh yes!)

Anna Dean

Alongside 32 participants from 20 countries, I have been selected to attend the international Pixel Lab in July 2015. It's a big deal to get in and the first time anyone from NZ has been accepted.

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Image for Julia Deans  Both Sides Now

Kokomai Creative Festival

Kokomai Creative Festival has the opportunity to bring Julia Deans over to the Wairarapa to sing Joni Mitchell’s legendary songbook. Having Julia Deans as part of our Festival gets our hearts racing and we need you to make it happen

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Image for Stuntman

Pavel Kvatch

Frank is 11, and he's a stuntman. At least in his imagination. This exciting film is extremely technically ambitious and we need your help to finish it!

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Image for WAI

Sam Ludden

WAI is an exhibition using sculpture installation to reconnect our community with waterways in our landscape. Inspired by the love of rivers and life in them.

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Image for FLIP

Tom Boniface-Webb

Please support the post-production of the feminist sci-fi/ action adventure short film, FLIP.

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