Aro Valley Hiking Club

The core members of the Aro Valley Hiking Club team are former students of the International Institute of Modern Letters, Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School and the New Zealand Film and Television School. We’ve all worked in different creative industries – across writing, publishing, design, artistic direction and film and radio production – and we think we’re a cohort capable of making work that is unique, witty and really blinkin’ cool.

Outside of this core team, we have relationships with a talented pool of writers, directors, actors, visual artists, composers and musicians who we understand and who understand us. We’re working to create an entity that is nourishing to these artists by offering them a vibrant platform in which to work and be seen.

Aro Valley Hiking Club has helped fund

Image for Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Bright Orange Walls

An immersive, interactive, pop-up theatre event tailored to Wellington's art identity, this is Shakespeare's Twelfth Night like you've never seen – or heard, or tasted, or felt – before.

100% $2,515.00 OF
Image for Navigating to Norfolk

Te Toki Waka Hourua

Emerging young navigators are training in the ancient art of wayfinding on a voyage to Norfolk Island using only the stars and natural world as their guide.

103% $15,500.00 OF