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Image for On the Buses

Studio2/The Margaret Freeman Gallery

Imagine being surrounded by art instead of advertising? Studio2 artists want to make that happen during the 2015 Dunedin Fringe Festival. They want to put their art on the back of the city's passenger buses so everyone can look art instead of ads - at least while the Fringe is on.

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Image for Takai: A Portrait of Niue

Lexi Shaw

Two artists, Maka Makatoa and Alexa Shaw are off to Niue to capture images of everyone there in photographs and illustrations for the project Takai - A Portrait of Niue. To be presented at the Niue Arts and culture festival 2015.

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Image for Scruff

Ed Lust

Scruff is a short coming-of-age film. When Amon is sent home from high-school he attempts to take his education into his own hands...

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Image for Slutty Ladies

Sarah McDougall & Cheryl Amos

Slutty Ladies are set to free the slut in all of us at their garden party with a who what how and why of slutdom. Laugh and swear because there's nothing like a good fuck in the right place.

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Image for Steve Abel New Recording Project

Steve Abel

An intimate recording of new songs by Steve Abel with the accompaniment of some of New Zealand's finest musicians and the revered engineering skills of Nick Abbott.

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Image for Go Mine

Ruth Evans

Go Mine is a tabletop game based on New Zealand's mineral extraction industries. Mine the planet & bribe officials before the finite resources deplete entirely

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Image for Creative Spaces Capsule Project

Studio2/The Margaret Freeman Gallery

The Creative Spaces Capsule Project aims to collect and connect, bringing artists, art spaces and art lovers closer both locally and nationally.

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Image for Composure

Leah Carrell

Composure is an improvised creative dance practice. Please help us perform our 12-hour endurance dance work in the Auckland & Dunedin Fringe Festivals, 2017!

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Image for Art Islands Tokyo

Steep Street

Get STEEP STReeT to Art Islands Tokyo 2017!!! We would be so grateful to receive support to fund this amazing opportunity.

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Image for valvalval does Vienna

valvalval smithsmithsmith

Queer choreographic artist val smith has been awarded a scholarship to attend the 7th IDOCDE Symposium on Contemporary Dance Education in Vienna in July 2019!

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Image for DanceAbility International

Hahna Briggs

I'm off to DanceAbility International in Eugene, Oregon USA, with the aim of bringing vital skills back to our inclusive dance community in Dunedin, NZ.

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Image for Manaakitia

Friends of Nancy Brunning

Let’s honour Nancy Brunning for her lifelong achievements on stage, screen and backstage and give her more time to share her gifts with us. Arohaina Mai.

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