Steffen Kreft

My name is Steffen Kreft, I am the marionette maker and director of the show "The Kitchen at the End of the World". Described as “intensely beautiful”, “provocative and moving”, this marionette play is the story of marionettes who know they are limited by the extent of their strings – even kissing can tangle them – but crave what lies beyond their reach.

I founded the award-winning animation and video studio National Park in 2009 and have since directed, animated, illustrated and produced a large number of animation videos for the internet and television (

In 2012, I directed the Greytown Arts Festival in which "The Kitchen at the End of the World" had its sold out debut season.

One of my greatest achievements was being awarded Student of the Year Germany in 2006 by the Art Directors Club for a film about life and death, which I produced during my design studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany.
At Massey University Wellington I learnt about, and grew to have a passion for, the craft and artistry of puppetry. This came about when I produced the mixed media film "Lepidoptera" combining live action, animation and puppetry for my Masters thesis.

Right now, I am working on the humorous animation series Lifeswap ( about cultural differences between Germany and New Zealand and I am delighted to be invited to work with Circa Theatre in Wellington on a bigger and better version of "The Kitchen at the End of the World" in early 2015.

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