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After the high of giving close to half-a-million to artists at the Arts Foundation Arts Awards, we'll be celebrating with the Boosted After Party!

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Image for Like There's No Tomorrow

Festival of Colour

LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW is theatre like you haven't seen before. Join Wanaka teenagers at an after-ball party at a downtown Wanaka bar. And meet the ghost of someone who's died in a party stunt that went tragically wrong. Is he another example of teenage excess, a victim of underage binge drinking? Or is he a guy who was living life to the fullest? This is the dynamic community production for next year's Festival of Colour

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Image for Lost in Space!

Warren Feeney

On 2 October 2014, 6,000 people came to Sydenham in Christchurch for a great evening of public art, live music, street markets, exhibitions and performance for the city’s inaugural First Thursdays. First Thursdays returns to Sydenham 5 February with LOST IN SPACE! Featuring more than 40 artists, this is a community event that brings art into the public domain. Three projects developed for First Thursdays’ by artists, Jordana Bragg, Ed Lust and Sandy Austin-Fraser will go where no one has gone before.

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Image for Take the Stage

Isaac Theatre Royal

Without your support the Isaac Theatre Royal will miss out on $150,000 of critical matched funding pledged by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust.

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Image for A Warm Breeze Blowing

Brydee Rood

Tidelines Project - A Warm Breeze Blowing is a response to climate issues and rising tides, from melting ice caps to changing weather patterns, an ephemeral exercise in global cooling.

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Image for Joseph Gets Dressed

Gemma Gracewood

In this delightful documentary, Joseph Herscher transforms ordinary household objects into an elaborate machine that will dress him from head to toe.

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Image for YAMI Sounz Summit

Lake Wanaka SouNZ Inc

Kia ora everyone… The goal of our Boosted campaign is to bring a concept called YAMI to life. YAMI stands for Youth and Adults in the Music Industry, and is a series of workshops, panel discussions, debates and showcases, so like-minded people can join together to find out a bit more about how to keep afloat in the NZ music industry. Support for the creative industries is undoubtedly needed in the South Island, so people with a leaning towards this kind of career can access quality tuition and guidance in order for them to become fully immersed in a productive, fulfilling musical environment.

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Image for GIVE IT TO ANNA DEAN (oh yes!)

Anna Dean

Alongside 32 participants from 20 countries, I have been selected to attend the international Pixel Lab in July 2015. It's a big deal to get in and the first time anyone from NZ has been accepted.

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Image for Scruff

Ed Lust

Scruff is a short coming-of-age film. When Amon is sent home from high-school he attempts to take his education into his own hands...

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Image for Louie Knuxx - Tiny Warm Hearts LP

Todd Williams

Tiny Warm Hearts will be my third full length solo project and easily my best yet. It features an array of New Zealand's finest producers and vocalists and feels like a natural progression from my last album PGT/GRR.

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Image for Dirtbag Awards Get Good

Tamsyn Matchett

The Annual Dirtbag Music Awards for Bands That Aren't Shit is back for the 3rd year in a row and this time round we want to get good!

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Image for Album in Austin Texas

Emily Fairlight

Preparing to record my second album in Austin, Texas. I'd love your support with this great opportunity.

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Image for Losing

James Kerr

While preparing for a live performance, a poet reflects on his #Losing battle with a degenerative bone disease.

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Image for Girls Rock Camp Aotearoa

Girls Rock! Camp Aotearoa

GIRLS ROCK! CAMP AOTEAROA 2018 Calling all rebel girls, soul sisters, metal mavens and punk rockers! Girls Rock! Camp is coming to Aotearoa.

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Image for Help RDU get a new DJ mixer

RDU98.5FM Ltd

If you like the way we sound, help us sound better! RDU needs a new mixer for our DJs so they can keep the great tunes pumping for you.

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Image for HEX Goes To SXSW


We're HEX from Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington and we've been invited to play at SXSW in Austin, Texas in the official New Zealand showcase!

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Image for Wanna Yodel with Bek Coogan

Bek Coogan

Artist Bek Coogan has found some jaw-dropping yodeling workshops in Austria. Bek is fierce abut getting there to bring back some Naturetalk, and techniques !

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Image for Werk It

Melody Thomas

The Werk It Women's Podcast Festival is a gathering for women shaping the future of podcasting, and I’ve been invited to take part!

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