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Image for Cuba Kaleidoscope

Cuba Dupa

A film/installation/dance event celebrating 100 years of dance in Cuba Street, with students from Tarrant Dance Studio. A Kaleidoscope of Colours will clothe the trees and dancers will bring a range of dance moves to the CubaDupa spaces- at night a film installation will light up the building as Tarrant Dance Studio celebrates a classical time line of 100 years of talent treading to the top of the stairs at 125 Cuba St to 'love dancing'!

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Image for Triumphs and Other Alternatives in Sydney

Muscle Mouth

Muscle Mouth has been invited to present our latest dance theatre show Triumphs and Other Alternatives in Sydney. This is a triumph for us! We're running this campaign for the final part of our travel and accommodation costs, after raising the rest ourselves. This is an exciting time for us - Muscle Mouth is beginning to take flight!

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Image for Dark Matter

Marty Roberts

Seven visual haiku in a dark void. Dark Matter pushes you beyond the threshold of engagement into the deep space of imagination.

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Image for Rita

#Vivid WGTN

Let's celebrate the one of New Zealand's top artists, Rita Angus and the time she spent creating work in the Capital.

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Image for Composure

Leah Carrell

Composure is an improvised creative dance practice. Please help us perform our 12-hour endurance dance work in the Auckland & Dunedin Fringe Festivals, 2017!

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Image for Desire Lines

Restless Legs Ensemble

"Desire Line(s) is a fresh and startling new dance work, investigating the multiplicity and messiness of human intentions."

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Image for Boost Footnote to Europe

Footnote New Zealand Dance

Footnote are headed to Europe! We're bringing home a new work by the brilliant Swiss-based NZ artist Emma Murray and we need a boost!

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Image for MAMMOTH

Tallulah Holly-Massey

A new movement work by Tallulah Holly-Massey. Four bodies. Mammals/humans/organisms. A supernatural hair dance.

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