Anna Jackson

Anna Jackson is a creative producer and media researcher whose professional experience spans a range of creative industries including theatre, film, digital media, transmedia, public relations, marketing and publicity. She is the founder and co-director of Transmedia NZ, executive producer of online documentary initiative, Loading Docs, and a writer for The Big Idea. Anna also teaches film and media studies and recently completed a joint PhD at The University of Melbourne and the University of Auckland ('Innovation and Change in New Zealand's documentary production ecology 2010-2013′).


Anna Jackson has helped fund

Image for The After Party


After the high of giving close to half-a-million to artists at the Arts Foundation Arts Awards, we'll be celebrating with the Boosted After Party!

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Image for SEP ARATE

Lydia Zanetti

SEP ARATE is a dance theatre show by the combined choreographic powers of val smith and Lydia Zanetti. Featuring a plethora of Auckland talent, SEP ARATE teases out the conversation around gender and sexuality through a queer gaze. In turn hilarious, challenging and charming, this is dance with a sprinkling of clowning and theatre - making a show that is accessible and current. We need dancers in order to perform however...

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Image for Art in the Dark 2014

Art in the Dark

Last year over 50,000 people came to Art in the Dark, so we’ve added an extra night to help ease the crowds! Donate a few dollars to help us pay for the extra night’s lights, AV, sound and cables.

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Image for Madness Made Me

Nikki Castle

As a 21-year-old locked up in a psychiatric ward, Mary struggled to make sense of her madness. Where the doctors saw illness, she could only see herself.

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Image for Killer App

Wendell Cooke

Over hot drinks and a potluck afternoon tea, a group of senior Wellingtonians discuss the best ways to die.

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Image for Tihei

Hamish Bennett

As the beat drops can Tihei find his words? Redemption comes unscripted.

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Image for Fantasy Cave

Michelle Savill and Matt Henley of Little Friend

A group of cave dwellers beaver away night and day to create an immersive fantasyland, but is it really for the children?

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Image for Waihorotiu

A short NZ documentary in the making: rediscovering our buried waterways, we look close to home in search of what lies beneath the surface of Auckland city.

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Image for Wilbur Force

Jan Oliver Lucks

The former king of New Zealand pro wrestling turned small town recluse is challenged by his best friend to re-connect with his glory days of battle

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Image for KUSUDA: a short documentary

Amber Easby & Henry Oliver

Kusuda is a short documentary about Tokyo-salaryman turned Martinborough-winemaker Hiro Kusuda as he navigates his way through the high stakes of vintage.

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Image for No Lights No Lycra

Rowena Baines & Paula Jones

We all go a little wilder when we think nobody is watching. No Lights No Lycra sheds light on the transformative power of dancing in the dark.

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Image for Conversations With Pets

Ian Hart, Justin Hawkes & Hayley Cunningham

Conversations With Pets is Dr Doolittle meets Babe, Turner and Hooch meets Ghost in short documentary form.

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Image for GIVE IT TO ANNA DEAN (oh yes!)

Anna Dean

Alongside 32 participants from 20 countries, I have been selected to attend the international Pixel Lab in July 2015. It's a big deal to get in and the first time anyone from NZ has been accepted.

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