Marian Evans

My Development Project is For Women Who Make Movies; & For The People Who Love Them. Globally. The most useful interview about my work is here, on Indiewire. I'm very happy to support New Zealand-made films by and about women, on Twitter and Facebook, on Pinterest and in my blog. And here at Boosted, in a very small way, because I like the idea that if lots of people donate small amounts to projects they like we'll get some great new movies (etc!).

Marian Evans has helped fund

Image for Food For Thought - a short film

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

"Food For Thought" is a short film written and directed by Patricia (Pat) Robins, based on the short story "The Assassin Bug" by Sue McCauley. A black comedy centred around a dysfunctional family with a big secret. Synopsis - Merran’s elderly father Angus has died suddenly, and as she helps prepare for the funeral, the contents of her mother’s freezer raise some questions about the cause of Angus’s death.

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Image for The Great Maiden's Blush

Andrea Bosshard & Shane Loader

The latest film project from the pair behind the critically acclaimed indie features TAKING THE WAEWAE EXPRESS and HOOK, LINE & SINKER; they're at it again, telling stories and creating characters that remind us of our capacity for humanity, compassion and kindness.

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Image for Native In Nuhaka

Hiona Henare

NATIVE IN NUHAKA is a forthcoming documentary profiling Maori and indigenous film making and the place of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival.

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Image for Dear Mother Basillise

Hinemoana Baker

Kia ora! I'm a poet and teacher of creative writing in Wellington. The new book I'm writing tells two haunting family stories: my father's time spent as a child in a Catholic orphanage in Nelson, and my own story of trying to become a parent and experiencing infertility. It's about what it means to lose a parent, to be a parent, and to lose the opportunity to have children of your own. On a wider level it's about me connecting with my father through our shared experiences of grief. For the last year I have been Creative New Zealand Victoria University Writer in Residence in Wellington. I've researched and written 40,000 words of a new book, 'Dear Mother Basillise'. I need one more year of writing and researching full time to take my book to the point where I can submit it to my publisher. I'm asking my 'Boosted' supporters to help me with the first six months of that.

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Image for Grand Opening

Barbarian Productions

Barbarian Productions are taking on the Opera House for the CubaDupa festival. We're going to fill the building with life, colour, music, celebration and community expression. We're opening the doors wide, so come on in and join us.

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Image for Pot Luck - webseries

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

'Pot Luck' is a fresh, fun, and sexy narrative web-series that explores the lives of three Wellington lesbians when they make a pact which turns their weekly Pot Luck dinners into a search for love. Or not.

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Māoriland Charitable Trust

THE NATIVE SLAM brought together 15 established Indigenous filmmakers to make 5 beautiful short films. We need your help to share these films with the World.

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Image for Debts We Pay

Sapna Samant

Debts We Pay is an independent short film about an Indian family in Wellington and how the parents and children learn to negotiate living between two cultures.

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Image for Hazel - a short film about stillbirth

Emily Innes

Many families have experienced baby loss. As it continues to be a taboo subject, this is often hidden, even sometimes amongst colleagues and friends.

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Image for The Long Drop

Diva productions Ltd

When an aquifer of pure water is discovered on Ken’s drought-stricken high country farm, he and his best mate save their community’s water from overseas buyers.

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Image for Sail Away

Leopold Wave

Sail Away is a new short film written by Tama Jarman, co-directed by Ella Becroft and Tama, and produced by Ilai Amir of Votre Arme.

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Image for AUNTIES

Aunties Aotearoa

Women across Aotearoa are creating change everyday. It's time for a magazine on how we're shaking shit up in our communities, workplaces and beyond.

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Image for Christine White Album

Christine White

Escalators, fish, Russian dolls, turnstiles, line drawing and nerves became images in songs I wish to share with others who have been paralysed by loss.

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Image for Werk It

Melody Thomas

The Werk It Women's Podcast Festival is a gathering for women shaping the future of podcasting, and I’ve been invited to take part!

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Image for Walk a Mile Film

Judith Cowley

Ever been inspired by acts of kindness? We are creating a film centred around these magical gestures in Wellington in September.

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Image for The Girls

Toi Ngākau Productions

17 year old Jewelisa is Instagram-ready to go on a date, but her whole world is turned upside down when her religious mother discovers her secret romance.

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Image for FLIP

Tom Boniface-Webb

Please support the post-production of the feminist sci-fi/ action adventure short film, FLIP.

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Image for WATER BABY

migiwa ozawa

Freediving couple William Trubridge and Sachiko Fukumoto introduce their baby to the place they call home – underwater.

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Image for Manaakitia

Friends of Nancy Brunning

Let’s honour Nancy Brunning for her lifelong achievements on stage, screen and backstage and give her more time to share her gifts with us. Arohaina Mai.

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Image for Scrubbing Day

Normal Company

Join us in sending this comedy/horror short film – produced by emerging female filmmakers in Wellington – into international film festivals.

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Image for Support Aotearoas Youngest Film Directors

Māoriland Charitable Trust

16 yr-old filmmakers Oriwa & Te Mahara will debut "Bub" at imagineNATIVE in Toronto. Support Aotearoa’s youngest film Directors to get to their World Premiere!

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