Mishelle Muagututi'a & Tony De Goldi

Contributions from Mishelle Muagututi'a and Tony De Goldi.

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Multinesia Productions

How do you stand out among 3,000 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Put on a hilarious show called Black Faggot about gay Samoans. But we need your help to bring our hit comedy play to the world stage.

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Image for Native In Nuhaka

Hiona Henare

NATIVE IN NUHAKA is a forthcoming documentary profiling Maori and indigenous film making and the place of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival.

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Image for Dear Mother Basillise

Hinemoana Baker

Kia ora! I'm a poet and teacher of creative writing in Wellington. The new book I'm writing tells two haunting family stories: my father's time spent as a child in a Catholic orphanage in Nelson, and my own story of trying to become a parent and experiencing infertility. It's about what it means to lose a parent, to be a parent, and to lose the opportunity to have children of your own. On a wider level it's about me connecting with my father through our shared experiences of grief. For the last year I have been Creative New Zealand Victoria University Writer in Residence in Wellington. I've researched and written 40,000 words of a new book, 'Dear Mother Basillise'. I need one more year of writing and researching full time to take my book to the point where I can submit it to my publisher. I'm asking my 'Boosted' supporters to help me with the first six months of that.

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Image for Samoa 1918

Le Moana

We've been invited to present a performance of "1918" in Sāmoa and share our passion for dance with the students at the National University of Sāmoa.

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Image for We dont have to be the Building

Sian Torrington

A passionate, embodied research, art and writing project on queer whakapapa of activism and sexuality. From Homosexual Law Reform to now, to show in lightboxes Courtenay Place Wellington.

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Image for Akaou Tatatau in the Cook Islands

Robert George

An Englishman living in Rarotonga has spent years learning the art of tatau while battling a serious illness. Can he find an apprentice before it is too late?

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Image for MOVE

Kinetic Wayfinding

MOVE is an urban Pasifika play in support of suicide prevention and awareness.

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Image for Street Smart

Leigh Minarapa

A short film about being visible in a world that doesn't want to see you.

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Image for The Biggest

Tikapa Productions Ltd.

Soon to be The Biggest comedy in New Zealand, written by award winning writer Jamie McCaskill, The Biggest is a hilarious look at raw rural men.

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Image for Cool Runnings - Winter Reggae Party

Pip Laufiso (Inati)

Get Tigilau Ness & Unity Pacific, Hedlok's Che Fu and King Kapisi to Dunedin to crank up the heat with this ultimate winter reggae party - Cool Runnings.

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Image for Liliu - Short film

Jeremiah Tauamiti

A young native court interpreter must choose his words carefully, as a chief fights for her family, and defends a culture that binds them both.

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Image for A Boy Called Piano

The Conch

A new work by The Conch and Fa’amoana Luafutu, revealing the stories of NZ’s lost generation and the system that was supposed to protect them.

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Image for Tikapa to Edinburgh

Tikapa Productions Ltd.

Tikapa is taking not one but two shows - Not in our Neighbourhood & The Moa Show - to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018!

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Image for Manaakitia

Friends of Nancy Brunning

Let’s honour Nancy Brunning for her lifelong achievements on stage, screen and backstage and give her more time to share her gifts with us. Arohaina Mai.

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