Mishelle Muagututi'a & Tony De Goldi

Contributions from Mishelle Muagututi'a and Tony De Goldi.

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Multinesia Productions

How do you stand out among 3,000 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Put on a hilarious show called Black Faggot about gay Samoans. But we need your help to bring our hit comedy play to the world stage.

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Image for Native In Nuhaka

Hiona Henare

NATIVE IN NUHAKA is a forthcoming documentary profiling Maori and indigenous film making and the place of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival.

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Image for Dear Mother Basillise

Hinemoana Baker

Kia ora! I'm a poet and teacher of creative writing in Wellington. The new book I'm writing tells two haunting family stories: my father's time spent as a child in a Catholic orphanage in Nelson, and my own story of trying to become a parent and experiencing infertility. It's about what it means to lose a parent, to be a parent, and to lose the opportunity to have children of your own. On a wider level it's about me connecting with my father through our shared experiences of grief. For the last year I have been Creative New Zealand Victoria University Writer in Residence in Wellington. I've researched and written 40,000 words of a new book, 'Dear Mother Basillise'. I need one more year of writing and researching full time to take my book to the point where I can submit it to my publisher. I'm asking my 'Boosted' supporters to help me with the first six months of that.

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Image for Samoa 1918

Le Moana

We've been invited to present a performance of "1918" in Sāmoa and share our passion for dance with the students at the National University of Sāmoa.

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Image for We dont have to be the Building

Sian Torrington

A passionate, embodied research, art and writing project on queer whakapapa of activism and sexuality. From Homosexual Law Reform to now, to show in lightboxes Courtenay Place Wellington.

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Image for Akaou Tatatau in the Cook Islands

Robert George

An Englishman living in Rarotonga has spent years learning the art of tatau while battling a serious illness. Can he find an apprentice before it is too late?

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Image for MOVE

Kinetic Wayfinding

MOVE is an urban Pasifika play in support of suicide prevention and awareness.

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Image for Street Smart

Leigh Minarapa

A short film about being visible in a world that doesn't want to see you.

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Image for The Biggest

Tikapa Productions Ltd.

Soon to be The Biggest comedy in New Zealand, written by award winning writer Jamie McCaskill, The Biggest is a hilarious look at raw rural men.

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Image for Cool Runnings - Winter Reggae Party

Pip Laufiso (Inati)

Get Tigilau Ness & Unity Pacific, Hedlok's Che Fu and King Kapisi to Dunedin to crank up the heat with this ultimate winter reggae party - Cool Runnings.

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Image for Liliu - Short film

Jeremiah Tauamiti

A young native court interpreter must choose his words carefully, as a chief fights for her family, and defends a culture that binds them both.

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Image for A Boy Called Piano

The Conch

A new work by The Conch and Fa’amoana Luafutu, revealing the stories of NZ’s lost generation and the system that was supposed to protect them.

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Image for Tikapa to Edinburgh

Tikapa Productions Ltd.

Tikapa is taking not one but two shows - Not in our Neighbourhood & The Moa Show - to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018!

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