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Image for Strange Resting Places

Cuba Creative

Our “little gem of a show” selected to be part of the NZ at Edinburgh 2014 season, now needs your support to tell our unique story at the largest cultural event in the world - the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Image for New Performance New York

The Playground NZ

We're organising a new festival of New Zealand theatre and performance in one of New York City's most exciting venues. We need support for the cost of promoting this festival in New York, and to get our set and props freighted around the world.

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Image for Carnival Zone

Cuba Dupa

Featuring Wellington Batucada and samba groups from across New Zealand; The Carnival Zone will fill the streets with music, dance and festivity throughout the weekend.

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Image for Auckward Love - The Web Series

We Three Productions

A comedy of friendship, ambition and sexual discovery, Auckward Love takes an un-sanitised look at the world of love and we would love your help to create more!

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Image for Yes Yes Yes

Zanetti Productions

The development of a new theatre show made with, and for, young people about consent, sex and healthy relationships.

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Image for The Basement Tapes Does Edinburgh

Chapel Perilous

The Basement Tapes is an award-winning NZ production created by Wellington theatre makers. We're heading to Edinburgh Fringe, but not without your help!

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Image for Eloise in the Middle

Prospect Park Productions

Join us in our mission to ensure locally produced, professional theatre continues to be served up to the Dunedin public.

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Image for Hey Brainy Man

Electric Shoelace Productions

Jo Randerson and Loren Taylor are making a short film! It holds a message from our ancestors - a challenge to humankind about the direction we're heading in.

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Image for 6 Degrees Festival

6 Degrees festival

Victoria University's MFA Programme presents '6 Degrees Festival' : A theatre season introducing 6 emerging artists and their works at BATS in February 2019.

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