Kathleen Thomas

NextDoor Productions and Frame_ofMind Film   

Script Supervisor / Script Editor / Chronicler. 

Based at Muriwai Beach, northwest coast Auckland -  works on scripts, stills and film with a keen focus on local community - recording events - archiving projects - profilng people at work and play in their home place. Currently in post-production; a documentary on local Stan; craftsman, fisherman, violinmaker.




Kathleen Thomas has helped fund

Image for Food For Thought - a short film

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

"Food For Thought" is a short film written and directed by Patricia (Pat) Robins, based on the short story "The Assassin Bug" by Sue McCauley. A black comedy centred around a dysfunctional family with a big secret. Synopsis - Merran’s elderly father Angus has died suddenly, and as she helps prepare for the funeral, the contents of her mother’s freezer raise some questions about the cause of Angus’s death.

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Image for Native In Nuhaka

Hiona Henare

NATIVE IN NUHAKA is a forthcoming documentary profiling Maori and indigenous film making and the place of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival.

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Image for RIMA

moana maniapoto

Art Laureate Moana Maniapoto is poised to launch her 5th major album RIMA (Moana & the Tribe) on September 26. The 11 new songs were co-written and produced by dub-meister Paddy Free (Pitch Black, Nga Tae), also a member of Moana & the Tribe . This album is very much inspired by our land, our people and our experience. Recorded in beautiful Piha, on the shores of Lake Rotorua and in Blair Castle (Scotland), Moana is seeking your help to complete this self funded album.

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Image for Hutt City

Sarah-Kay Kilner

How can photographs of the quotidian alter other’s perspectives of their surroundings? I am creating a body of work exhibiting how I see the world. More specifically how I see the area of Lower Hutt to Upper Hutt, and the places in between them. I would like to start exploring New Zealand more thoroughly. My aim is to use photography as a tool to alter people's perspectives of their surroundings. This project is an exploration of these locations rather than a commentary on the places.

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Image for ASO French Horn Concerto Commission

Peter Thomas

Auckland Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Peter Thomas, commission a new horn concerto to be performed in their October concerts. An exciting collaboration between young NZ talent- composer Alex Taylor and french horn player Emma Richards. Funding needed for commissioning composer as ASO is a non-profit community orchestra.

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Image for Pot Luck season two

Fired Up Productions

Can Beth negotiate a romance and Eileen’s deteriorating health? Will Mel figure out what it is she really wants? Will Debs get... ribs? DONATE NOW and find out!

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