Wolfgang Creative

Welcome to the world of Wolfgang Creative. We founded our company in 2010 as a vehicle to produce the plays of up and coming New Zealand playwright Ben Hutchison. Wolfgang Creative is an off-shoot of Buckwhip Enterprises which has created and produced numerous performances of THE LONESOME BUCKWHIPS within Auckland, the rest of New Zealand and Australia. Most recently Wolfgang Creative produced the highly acclaimed VINNIE SEPTIC AND THE PRINCESSES as part of the Capital E National Children’s Theatre Festival in Wellington.

Wolfgang Creative has helped fund

Image for Strange Resting Places

Cuba Creative

Our “little gem of a show” selected to be part of the NZ at Edinburgh 2014 season, now needs your support to tell our unique story at the largest cultural event in the world - the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Joselyn Khor

Support diversity in NZ theatre. If you want to see something bold, funny and heartbreaking that pushes boundaries, Bubblelands will deliver. It's a show that breaks stereotypes by casting Asians as ... fish.

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Ruth Carraway

Come on board - would love your support in helping get my first ever proper play LAVVIE'S out to the world starting with the Dunedin Fringe Festival. Cheers :)

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