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Image for Food For Thought - a short film

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

"Food For Thought" is a short film written and directed by Patricia (Pat) Robins, based on the short story "The Assassin Bug" by Sue McCauley. A black comedy centred around a dysfunctional family with a big secret. Synopsis - Merran’s elderly father Angus has died suddenly, and as she helps prepare for the funeral, the contents of her mother’s freezer raise some questions about the cause of Angus’s death.

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Image for Shayne Carter Solo Piano Album

Shayne Carter

SHAYNE CARTER SOLO PIANO ALBUM COMPLETION - One of New Zealand's most respected musicians, has been working for 18 months on a new album.

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Image for Pot Luck - webseries

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

'Pot Luck' is a fresh, fun, and sexy narrative web-series that explores the lives of three Wellington lesbians when they make a pact which turns their weekly Pot Luck dinners into a search for love. Or not.

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Image for Get our piano out of the basement

CJC Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa

CJC Creative Jazz Club has to move after 5 years in downtown Auckland. Help get our grand piano, our pride and joy, out of the basement, and give it some TLC.

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Image for STRAY

Long Road Films

The highly anticipated debut feature film from award-winning filmmaker Dustin Feneley, shooting in Central Otago this winter.

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Image for Breaking and Entering

CAROLYN BEAVER ----- Free Agent Films

The third short film for director, Carolyn Beaver, this drama shows two people from different walks of life finding compassion in extremity.

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Image for RESET - Childrens Sci Fi Web Series

Tanya Wheeler

When the Earth Speaks... Who Will Listen? RESET is a Children's Sci Fi Web Series about a young Maori boy who must find a way to save the planet.

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Image for Burst

Andrew Galt

Burst is a comedic Short Film aimed at tackling the barriers men put up between each other and how it affects their relationships. A classic shaggy dog yarn.

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Image for Rinse

Cameron Dixon

Inspired by the chaos of breaking up, RINSE is a short film that follows Ari’s gradual descent into horror as he attempts to move on from his ex-boyfriend.

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Image for Martin Phillipps and The Chills

Kaleidoscope World Limted

This theatrical documentary will journey to the heart of one of New Zealand music’s most dramatic tales, that of Martin Phillipps and his band The Chills.

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Image for Cupids Awakening - Short Film

Bex Stuart

Cupid's Awakening is a short film about love, connection and power, with twists of jealousy, anger and sorrow. We all have a dark side sometimes - this is hers.

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Image for AbandonWitch Video Pitch

Black Tulip Creative

AbandonWitch is a thriller-horror feature film in development. You can help to make this unique film fly by investing in the creation of our video pitch!

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Image for Peter Peryer Photographer

Shirley Horrocks

A feature-length film profile of photographer Peter Peryer by leading documentary director Shirley Horrocks.

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