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Shane Bosher

Edinburgh has a history of launching celebrated Kiwi talent onto the world stage. Madeleine Sami in No. 2, Tim Balme in JIMMY COSTELLO, Jacob Rajan in KRISHNAN'S DAIRY: they’ve all stood out from the crowd. This August, with your backing, you’ll be able to add the inimitable Morgana O’Reilly to that list.

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Long Road Films

The highly anticipated debut feature film from award-winning filmmaker Dustin Feneley, shooting in Central Otago this winter.

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Sophie Lindsay

What does the New Zealand cultural identity look like? To find out, Kate McGill tackles verbatim theatre with her new solo: Weave - Yarns with New Zealanders.

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Team M&M Ltd

Isabelle, determined not to spend her 65th birthday alone, invites herself into the home of her new neighbour, a young mum in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

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Embers Collective

When you see injustice in the world, does it compel you to make a difference? It did for Rachel Corrie.

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Luke Bower

A short film about the seen and unseen influences acting on a woman in her everyday life.

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