Jayran Mansouri

Hello! Welcome to my Boosted profile! I am Jayran and I am a comedian in Auckland. This year will be my first year performing solo in the New Zealand Comedy Festival. Here are eight facts about me: 


1. My favourite colour is yellow
2. To the extent that I used to eat yellow crayons
3. I have always been really fascinated by Hitler and Nazi Germany
4. This has caused a notable number of people to mistakenly think I have a Hitler fetish
5. I don’t actually have a Hitler fetish
6. No really, I have no such Hitler fetish. I have tried telling people I prefer Himmler. This doesn’t really help much.
7. As you can probably imagine, much of my material writes itself
8. If I don’t make it as a comedian, I will only have a BA in philosophy and history. See how precarious my situation is?


Thank you for visiting! And I would really appreciate any donation :) 

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