Linda Tyler

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Image for A landscape with too few lovers

McCahon House Trust

With your support we can continue to inspire a new generation of artists with the heritage of New Zealand’s foremost 20th Century painter.

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Image for Drawing a Line Somewhere

Sarah Maxey

Drawing a line somewhere has its origins in my love of language and letterforms, my lifelong interest in comics, graphic novels and sequential art, and my considerable experience in making books. The book, similar in size and extent to a volume of poetry, will be beautifully designed, crafted and produced.

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Image for Slutty Ladies

Sarah McDougall & Cheryl Amos

Slutty Ladies are set to free the slut in all of us at their garden party with a who what how and why of slutdom. Laugh and swear because there's nothing like a good fuck in the right place.

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Image for This air is a material

Becky Nunes

This air is a material is a documentary film that illuminates the life and work of important contemporary photographic artist Ann Shelton.

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Image for Welcome to Graft

Ursula Williams

Travel inside a surreal world where artist John Radford responds to the loss of our architectural heritage by becoming alter-ego Real Estate agent Ron Jadford .

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Image for The Archibald Baxter Peace Garden

The Archibald Baxter Memorial Trust

The Archibald Baxter Peace Garden is a project of national significance to honour those conscientious objectors and their legacy of principled resistance to war

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