Bevin Linkhorn

Producer - Writer - Developer - Make it happen-er

Bevin Linkhorn is working with writer/director Finnius Teppett to develop and produce the NZFC backed Fresh Short "Democracy", a comedy about a dad that gets voted out of his family.

You can support Democracy:

Bevin Linkhorn has helped fund

Image for Live at Six

Show Pony

Live at Six tells the story of a news anchor, Jane Kenyon, whose life and career is rocked when footage of her (apparently) misbehaving at a party goes viral.

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Image for Food For Thought - a short film

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

"Food For Thought" is a short film written and directed by Patricia (Pat) Robins, based on the short story "The Assassin Bug" by Sue McCauley. A black comedy centred around a dysfunctional family with a big secret. Synopsis - Merran’s elderly father Angus has died suddenly, and as she helps prepare for the funeral, the contents of her mother’s freezer raise some questions about the cause of Angus’s death.

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Image for New Performance New York

The Playground NZ

We're organising a new festival of New Zealand theatre and performance in one of New York City's most exciting venues. We need support for the cost of promoting this festival in New York, and to get our set and props freighted around the world.

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Image for GIVE IT TO ANNA DEAN (oh yes!)

Anna Dean

Alongside 32 participants from 20 countries, I have been selected to attend the international Pixel Lab in July 2015. It's a big deal to get in and the first time anyone from NZ has been accepted.

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Image for The Biggest

Tikapa Productions Ltd.

Soon to be The Biggest comedy in New Zealand, written by award winning writer Jamie McCaskill, The Biggest is a hilarious look at raw rural men.

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Image for Behold The Ghost

GoldFish Creative

Behold The Ghost is an unforgiving tragedy about gender and intolerance.

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Image for Seed on tour

Playtime Theatre

The award-winning Seed, by Elisabeth Easther, is going to 19 theatres around NZ.

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Image for Memory Foam Film

Elspeth Grant

A short film from award winning filmmaker Paloma Schneideman and supported by the New Zealand Film Commission. When love moves to the margins, what keeps people together?

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Image for Like an Octopus by its Own Ink Erased

France Hervé

A short film directed by award-winning filmmaker Ed Davis, written by award-winning playwright France Hervé. A contemporary epic tale crossing arts genres.

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Image for Tikapa to Edinburgh

Tikapa Productions Ltd.

Tikapa is taking not one but two shows - Not in our Neighbourhood & The Moa Show - to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018!

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Image for Don Juan takes on Edinburgh

A Slightly Isolated Dog Ltd

Hello Beautiful People! We are planning our biggest seduction yet: Don Juan in Edinburgh. But first, we have to get there...

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Image for The Basement Tapes Does Edinburgh

Chapel Perilous

The Basement Tapes is an award-winning NZ production created by Wellington theatre makers. We're heading to Edinburgh Fringe, but not without your help!

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Image for Mating in Captivity Seduces Wellington

Eleanor Strathern

Mating in Captivity is coming to titillate and challenge the most liberal city in Aotearoa: Wellington. But we need to build ourselves a home away from home.

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Image for The Turkish Dogs are Racist

Nathalie Harrington

Turkish Dogs invade BATS! Boost a team of Wellington's most inventive theatre makers so they can give the Kiwi travel myth a hilarious and heartfelt update.

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Image for Eloise in the Middle

Prospect Park Productions

Join us in our mission to ensure locally produced, professional theatre continues to be served up to the Dunedin public.

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Image for Hey Brainy Man

Electric Shoelace Productions

Jo Randerson and Loren Taylor are making a short film! It holds a message from our ancestors - a challenge to humankind about the direction we're heading in.

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