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Auckland Theatre Company

The uber-talented Laurel Devenie has been invited to perform ON THE UPSIDE DOWN OF THE WORLD - on the other side of the world. At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to be exact. But we need some help to get her there.

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Barbarian Productions

Barbarian Productions are taking on the Opera House for the CubaDupa festival. We're going to fill the building with life, colour, music, celebration and community expression. We're opening the doors wide, so come on in and join us.

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Bryony Skillington

This is a kids party for adults! We are aiming to make the most epic immersive experience the Basement Theatre has ever seen. But we can't do it without a little helping hand from you..

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Tom Boniface-Webb

Please support the post-production of the feminist sci-fi/ action adventure short film, FLIP.

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