Based in Wellington Genre Dance

Justine Eldred

In 2012 Justine formed Tangle Community Dance and mounted her first full length work as part of the Greytown Arts Festival. 'Sylvie's Last' was a dance theatre show about Sylvie Tanner's last night on earth, her last dream and the final moving moments of her life.

Festival Director, Steffen Kreft, wrote:
"The quality of the show was in no way compromised by the lack of experience and seemingly incongruous ages and backgrounds of those involved, but rather enhanced. Encouraged by Justine’s courageous and passionate directing style, I felt that the dancers were enabled to bring their own life experience and vulnerability to the stage rather than polished dance training, and the result was magical and exquisitely touching at times."

Justine has written a full length novel, The Crying Sea, which is looking for its river of publishing, and has also begun work on a children's book in collaboration with the artist, Victoria Cassells.

Justine Eldred's Projects