Based in National Genre Visual Art

Amanda Tomasoa

Creative Nut on a Mission.. is quite a cool nickname. I got it awhile ago because I was always thinking up creative ideas and has heavy interest in social issues, like helping ex prostitutes in India learn a new skill to support themselves in a more honoured profession. Currently, I have my art in LA and London on show and I hope to be known in my own country soon. I paint, write songs, act a little, enjoy public speaking, comedy, helping with ideas for stories and I am into fashion! At my Art openings, I usually have a real life singer performing (my professional singer of a husband) and for my next solo show, I plan to have a costume show along with my art work. Maybe even some of my original songs being played. Sounds like a big plan and I believe it can happen. When I was in Indonesia, I had my own t shirt label, and I sold a lot of art, and I don't see why I can't do it better now that I am in the internet age. In fact, I know I can do better. I just need some help, maybe a lot of help. And this is why I am here on Boosted.