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Jo Tito

I am a full time Māori artist whose work has featured at home in Aotearoa NZ and in other countries including Turkey, USA, Indonesia, Colombia, Canada and Australia.

My creative work is a collaboration with nature and my ongoing project Earth - Water - Light - Stone is a merging of nature with photography, paint, words and digital media to share stories of connection that speak for the environment and for humanity.

My current projects include: “Walking in Circles” - a creative collaboration with Inuit artist and film-maker Stacey Aglok and an ongoing relationship with Intercreate - an organisation that nurtures art, science, technology collaborations with a focus on environmental issues.

I'm a passionate gardener who documents the growing of my garden through words and photography. ”My garden is my space for healing, reflection, learning and creativity - everything is there. Many of my ideas and learning come from growing my garden and contemplating with nature.”

I value my Taranaki and Te Arawa ancestral roots. I am inspired by the lives that my ancestors lived and the inspiration that they lived with nature. They had such a respect for nature that is deeply embedded in our art forms and language. Our language is so beautiful, it all connects back to nature and so I draw on this knowledge in my quest to create art that speaks for the environment.


Jo Tito's Projects