Based in Waikato Genre Film

Lewis Roscoe

I have been creating my own content since I knew how to. 

When I was a kid I used to make stick figure puppet shows.

When I was a teenager I slapped two VCRs together and edited together my own videos filmed with a camcorder.

When I was older I dabbled in directing indie live action, but I always felt restricted by what we could physicially create in front of the camera, so I taught myself how to animate, at first 2D and then 3D. 

I started making all sorts of cartoon stuff on the internet, at Newgrounds if you remember them?

Then I went to Animation School to refine what I'd learnt, and now I am in the process of trying to get multiple projects to see the light of day, all full CG animated.

Hopefully I shall be able to get some up here on this platform, I guess we shall see.


I'm 36, grew up in Auckland on the North Shore, but due to the crap prices of houses moved with my wife down to Hamilton and live here for now.

Lewis Roscoe's Projects