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Esther Lofley

Born and raised in Wellington, my love for art, design and costume-making led to an apprenticeship at the Royal New Zealand Ballet (RNZB) in 2007. It is here that I have developed my craft, receiving invaluable mentorship from the late Andrew Pfeiffer. In 2017 I became the leading Wardrobe Manager at the ballet. I have experience in construction and concept design spanning eleven years.

I have worked with some of the top names in New Zealand arts and theatre. I have worked closely with renowned designers James Acheson, Tracy Grant Lord and Gary Harris to bring fantasy worlds to life in productions of 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream', 'Cinderell'a, 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Sleeping Beauty'.

In addition I have created large period costumes for designer Natalia Stewart for 'Giselle' and Jim Acheson for 'Romeo and Juliet'. My work with RNZB and iconic Kiwi fashion designer Karen Walker also garnered much success for the company in the Stravinsky programme.

I have designed costumes for a number of contemporary works at the RNZB. Most prominently these include my collaborations with choreographer Loughlan Prior, with whom I have fostered a strong creative bond, bringing his concepts to life with great understanding and nuance. In addition my costume work for 'The Long and the Short of It', with Sir Jon Trimmer, was seen around the country in 2018’s Tutus on Tour Programme. Recently, I designed and made the costumes for Corey Baker’s 'The Last Dance', which premiered with the RNZB in 2018.

I have also presented her work at a number of local exhibition spaces and maintain a strong dedication to my creative practice in visual art. My 'Gold' exhibition and 'Reflections' series were displayed in Wellington at BATS theatre and the Opera House respectively.

Esther Lofley's Projects