Based in National Genre Visual Art

I’m Martyn, I'm 37 years old and the founder and facilitator here at Wanaka Willows.

This land is to be used for a communal art centre and workshop space for the people of Wanaka. Currently, it s being utilized as a communal garden and self-sufficient living area. 

Wanaka Willows began around 2 and a half years ago with the intention of creating a community events centre, and self-sufficient strong-hold: a place where we can plant, grow, build, reuse and recycle, and support the community from the inside out.

Wanaka Willows is a communal arts and events centre under construction, located near Albert Town, Wanaka. Our goal is to provide a communal space for artistic freedom, either in the form of painting, welding, recycled sculpting, building workshops, and in the designing of organic garden beds. We emphasise a low-carbon footprint, self-sufficient and environmentally friendly way of life. We require funding for specific resource and geo-technical consents recently requested by council in order to retain and finalise tiny structures for the communal arts centre, events centre and Arts Studio.

1) The consent will serve to finish the building of the Boat of Art, a 25 square meter arts studio.

2) Over 500 square meters will be utilised for the building of an Eco Pods events centre, and donated to the community for creative development and workshops.

3) The Arts centre to be built after consent, will be about 250 square meters