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Neville Stewart

The Aart Smith Project has been evolving subconsciously most of my life but the timing of the album is really just an intersection of influences from friends, family, community, a lifetime love of music, and opportunity.
The name Aart was the name of my Dutch friend and mentor Aart Admirald a mystic, philosopher, plantsman, man of the earth, healer and hermit. He taught me all I know about plants, the earth and natures energy.

As a teenager and Dutch imigrant in Indonesa in WW2 the country was invaded by the Japanese and he was interned into a Japanese concentration camp. After settling in Southland after the war Aart married but also suffered heart break when he his marriage broke down and his wife took his children away back to the Netherlands. He was a father figure in my life when I needed one, and took a great interest in me and my family. A true living angel in my life.
I love the fact that Smith is a common name but that it also describes a craftsperson.
My passion is music and my songs come out of years of music influences and hours of crafting so Aart Smith seemed a fitting name for the project.

Thank you to everyone who has travelled with me. Your encouragement and support has fuelled the Aart Smith project.  The excitement and positive feedback generated has lead to the seven songs - mentioned in the video - evolving into ten for this album in the short space of time between making the video and the project gaining momentum.

Aart Smith Project Costs:
Producer + travel 6525
Session musicians 3000 +
Engineer final mix 500
Engineer Studio 342.72
Rockin Horse Studio free
Dunedin Studio 300 
Photography, Album, Artwork, etc  $1,398.00

Total:       $12,065.72


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