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Down in Edin Magazine

Down in Edin Magazine is an online quarterly journal that chronicles local stories with a global theme:  Music, art, literature, photography, museums, wildlife, nature and sustainable lifestyles with connections to Otago.

Our mission is to inspire appreciation for the good in our world, in the many forms that is expressed. When we recognise the love and beauty around us, we are more likely to take care of what we have and each other.

Discovering the common and diverse threads in our humanity through the stories of our creative journeys, love of place, and lifestyle choices that affect us wherever we are, Down in Edin is a visual feast, an oasis from fast bytes, fast food and fast living. This is what we wish to continue contributing to our local, national and global community. There is something for everyone interested in culture to resonate with in each issue - a beautiful painting or photograph, the story of a renowned author or musician, a promising young artist, emerging artists, what goes on in the region’s museums, and an appreciation for the natural world we are so fortunate to have on our doorstep.

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