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Jane Mahoney & Josie Cox / The Projection Room

Director/Producer: Jane Mahoney

Jane has spent almost two decades working in ‘story-telling’ industries.
For twelve years she was producer and co-owner of Bannan Films, a production company specialising in cinematic, story-based TV commercials. Over that time she was fortunate to work alongside some of the most talented creatives and technicians in Australasia and Asia.
Now based in Lyttelton, Jane operates a marketing and communications consultancy, helping businesses and organisations make an impact through compelling brand stories. She also runs Splendid, a production support service for out-of-town production companies seeking to shoot films and tv commercials in the South Island.
What Logan Did will be her debut as a director.


Co-Producer: Josie Cox

Josie’s first production role was with Jane at Bannan Films where she worked as fulltime Production Assistant. Ten years on, she continues to forge a successful career as a Christchurch-based freelancer on commercials and television series.
Josie’s focus now is to extend her skills as a producer and help facilitate more great productions in Christchurch and the South Island.

Jane Mahoney & Josie Cox / The Projection Room's Projects