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The Conch

Since its formulation in 2002, New Zealand based Pacific theatre company The Conch has enjoyed an extraordinary rate of growth and success. From BATS theatre, Wellington to the Sydney Opera House, The Conch and its ground breaking production of Vula has been received with huge critical acclaim.

The Conch was founded in Wellington Aotearoa, New Zealand in 2002 by artistic director Nina Nawalowalo and associate director Tom McCrory. It is driven by the desire to create ground breaking works of Pacific Island theatre of the highest international production values. Our company mission is to serve as a vehicle for the development of an entirely new theatrical language capable of expressing and advancing the core values of Pacific Island people to a broad theatre audience.

It is exciting to live in a time of intense national and international interest in the culture of the Pacific. Aotearoa -New Zealand is a hot bed of cultural experimentation in which unique hybrids are emerging. Artists, through their blending of the traditional with the contemporary, are providing windows which allow a view into the heart of Pacific Island identity. The Conch represents this process in the theatre. To meet audience interest, both at home and abroad, we seek to honour both the essence of traditional practice and the values of international theatre practice.

The Conch has a long term vision to achieve this. The skills and experience provide the fountain head but the display is only effective if fed from a deep and powerful source. This source is our community and the diverse cultures of the Pacific.

The Conch's Projects