Based in Canterbury Genre Multi Discipline

Exchange Christchurch (XCHC)

Exchange Christchurch (XCHC) is a not-for-profit that started in the post-earthquake context to give creatives a place to work together and produce, showcase, and share their work. 

We currently are located in a 400m² industrial heritage building that compliments the artists need for messy low-risk environment; we find this is creativity is really set free.

160m² is production space where about 20+ practicing artists from diverse creative disciplines work together in an open floor plan. This currently houses studios for a jewelry maker, videographer, painters, fashion designers, screen printer, doll maker, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, philosophy/culture students, and more.

120m² showcase space is for the sharing of works through creative events, performances, and exhibitions. We hire out the walls and the venue itself for public and private events, contributing to the financial sustainability of the model. 

The on-site licensed cafe (Pedro's Cafe) is a place for the chef to be creative with food and gives the general public access to the rest of the space/activities in a casual way. 

75m² loft apartment is used to connect people visiting Christchurch directly with the local arts community and give them a different, more cultural and personal experience. Funds from the short-term stays go towards subsidizing artists who want to bring their work to Christchurch/new cities but can't afford accommodation (in addition to a studio, gallery, community etc.)

The overlap between the various creative industries and the general public create a sustainable model for a thriving creative space and we're looking to expand accross New Zealand.