Based in Wellington Genre Theatre

Wing It Productions Ltd

Wing It Productions, founded by Tania Dreaver-Parker and Rochelle Rose has established itself as a Limited Company; a co-operative theatrical enterprise bringing together an amalgamation of Wellington’s most experienced theatrical professionals such as Michael Nicholas Williams, Lyndee-Jane Rutherford and Jane Keller. They bring international and national experience and expertise to this venture to support Wellington as a hothouse for talent in the following ways:

1. To train and support new and emerging artists to excellence in all fields of theatre through mentorship, coaching and the provision of challenging theatrical opportunities.

2. To build a sustainable and ever more vibrant theatrical community for the top professionals and talent they work with, helping to ensure they are retained here in Wellington.

3. To create a bridge into professional theatre, allowing our many talented amateur artists to make a living for themselves in our capital city.

4. To create a bridge between Wellington’s many and diverse theatrical enterprises which range across a range of cultures and genres.

5. To support social enterprise by providing:
- Relaxed performances for people living with disabilities and for family groups to ensure they are comfortable and performing arts are accessible.
- Events and galas to raise funds for, and awareness of, such causes as the Compassion Soup Kitchen.