Based in Auckland Genre Film

Teighan Rossiter

Hey! My name is Teighan Rossiter, I am an actor and I love it!. I want you to know a bit about me and where I am coming from, I am from Palmerston North, I moved up here (Auckland) when I was 19 and studied the craft acting, this was where and when i knew I wanted to take it serisously, I then decided to improve myself and enage who I was to my craft to allow who i am and who I wanted to be, to be the same thing. I basically got life experience!. Now I am ready to face the world and show everyone what this small town chick has to offer.

 Baiscally the plan is to go to the States, show them what I got, study acting at The Acting Crops.. in golf myself in what i know to be the best thing about acting and being an actor, and that's being true. Showing them, bring that knowledge back with me to NEw Zealand and showing what I feel is to be a better version of me.