Based in Waikato Genre Visual Art

Dorothy Wakeling

Having bought her first sculpture in 1972, Dorothy has been hooked on art ever since. So when she and John started rehabilitating a former derelict quarry with extensive tree planting, the sculpture park within the arboretum followed naturally to marry their mutual interests of nature and art. As the trees and garden grew, the landscape became more interesting, Dorothy and John started running sculpture events within the park for various charities. In time they started the Waikato Sculpture Trust that ran sculpture events with professional curators. When the park was open every day, there were three new annual exhibitions with artists participating from throughout New Zealand. This cultural enterprise model for running the park provided insufficient funds to run the exhibitions and to cover the costs of maintaining the park. Since then, visitors come in by appointment and woofers help maintain the park. Now 25 years on from starting the planting, John & Dorothy are keen for more people to enjoy the park and for the standard of maintenance to improve. Both are hopeful that some solution can be found for the park to be more accessible and free to enter and that some artists will continue to choose to exhibit in the Park.