Based in International Genre Visual Art

Aunties Aotearoa

AUNTIES is the brainchild of activists Ella Grace McPherson-Newton, Kassie Hartendorp and Nadia Abu-Shanab.

Once upon a time, some late night emails got flowing between Wellington, the UK and the rural outskirts of Whanganui. We’d all been thinking about collective struggle. We agreed the earth and its people are facing real threats to our survival. We agreed that things needa be different. But how does change happen? And who makes it happen?

On this we agreed there were lots of women we knew, old, young, dead and living, that were part of a tradition of womens’ organising that gets shit done. We’re talking about those organic leaders in workplaces, community groups and political campaigns.They don’t always call themselves leaders, but that's what they are! These women are Aunties, grounded in their relationships, trusted in their communities and always moving with the collective in mind. We wanted a project that would bring their work to light, so that it may spark others and create the change Aotearoa needs.