Based in Otago Genre Visual Art

Mark McLeod

I'm a visual artist - producing landscape, architectural, botanical and social comment science fiction paintings since 1980. I'm also an enthusiastic tree planter &  photographer with  strong interests in popular science, horticulture, architecture, all types of landscapes be they natural or human influenced, weather, and global political issues.  I'm  doing my best to lead a positive vegan humanist lifestyle. I've created 3 arboretum projects since 1996 - the first on 26ha at Ferndale in rural Southland, the second on 0.5ha at Lawrence and the current project on 2ha at Manuka Terrace near Twizel. My studio is located in an old sauna and social club facility in Central Dunedin which I hope to convert into an arts collective with its own fitness facility and income source (spa/sauna) in 2018. Long term I hope to build  a small dwelling on my Twizel property and live there - I've got the design, just need the money. I maintain a website for the art and tree collections at